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Sunday, March 13, 2005

The $40 Sand Trap

I took my wife and her mom out to the ocean today. The weather was really nice and we were sick of spending our weekends doing house related errands. Anyways, I decide to go driving on the sand, like I had done several times before with no adverse effect. The thing I didn't take into account was that the lack of rain had made the sand extremely soft. The net result is that I got stuck. Eventually a "Sand Angel" (basically a guy with a big truck and some towing cables) came and offered to rescue us for $40. I couldn't say no, but my ego was bruised for the rest of the day. I saw him later scouring the beach for other suckers like me and all I could say was **** you. However, as AB would say, "That's another blog."

Here's the aim of this blog.

Fitness moves:

Get up and ride my bike - no matter how lazy I feel.

Financial moves:

Initiate a new position on QQQQ
Look into starting a new account at one of those high yield banks.


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