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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Good news, Bad news


I redid my last body fat reading and came up at 34% this time. It's still one third of my body weight, but its a heckuva lot better than 39%. I wonder if the scale needs to be calibrated in any way? I do remember reading that you shouldn't do it right after exercise and maybe that's what I did.

The bad news is that I'm back up to 213 lbs.


Like I said yesterday, I'm starting a new account at Emigrant, so that's good news because I'll be earning more interest on my "parked" money. The other good news is that AAPL keeps going higher. I'm very bullish on this stock, even though I don't own a single apple product and probably never will!

The bad news is that I just shelled out $1,400 for the patio. Here's how I rationalize this one: Since its part of the house, its really an investment in the value of the property. Therefore, its an asset and not a liability because I'll see that money again when I sell the house. I can live with that.


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