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Monday, March 28, 2005

Spring Cleaning

Based on someone's advice, I made the following changes to my portfolio this morning.

  • Sold MSFT - Honestly, this stock just isn't a whole lot of fun. Plus, I took a $200 loss on it and I don't want to watch it going lower every day.
  • Bought URBN - Fundamentals look good, it's on the rise, and the chart and MA's look promising. Plus it was a suggestion from the aforementioned source.
  • Bought LU - ditto from above.
  • Sold SPY - mainly because I already have an Index ETF and I needed to diversify.
  • Bought YHOO - To replace MSFT as my tech stock.
  • Bought ECA - This is my test stock. Will this person's advice work?

On another note, the Tanita scale registered an even 210 lbs this morning! I want my goal for April to drop below 200, but I really need to get disciplined if I want this to happen. Truth be told, I've been slackin' lately and I need to get back on track. Less snacks (no gummy bears!), more water, and more exercise!


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