Trim The Fat

Monday, March 14, 2005

Starting is the hardest

but I did it!

I went on that bike ride I promised myself I would. No official numbers because I didn't set my cyclometer but it was definitely at least 30 minutes. Johnny's out of shape.

Here are the numbers according to my Tanita scale:

  • 211.5 lbs
  • 39% body fat

According to the Tanita website that makes me obese. Hmmm....not good. Sounds like I'll need to add yet another goal to my sidebar. Healthy bodyfat for my gender and age is between 8% and 19%. I'll shoot for 20%.

Financially, Ameritrade is taking it's sweet time in transferring my funds. I'll have to wait till later in the day to buy my ETFs. I think I'll split the 4k between SPY and QQQQ. Warren better be right.


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