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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Three ideas

The first has to do with understanding an industry and whether or not a company's stock might be a good buy. You have to understand it's key metric. For example, in the oil industry, the key measure is price per barrel. In the retail industry, the measurement is comp. store sales. In music, it's the number of albums sold. If you are buying a stock and haven't a clue what the key metric is, you need to do more homework.

Second idea: Picking my wife as my exercise partner has many advantages. Not only do we spend more time together, but we challenge each other as well. She also has a bigger stride so I have to push myself to keep up. Last, and definitely not least, who doesn't appreciate a nice tight.....

Third idea: Here's how I want to set up my accounts. The high yield savings account will be a depository of sorts. I will put the bulk of my current cash there and add to it every paycheck. I will then downgrade my platinum account at WAMU to the standard fare and use that for day-to-day expenses. Hopefully, I'll be able to actually "pay" myself at the end of every month this way. The investment account will stay the same, except that I might bank cash from time to time to the savings account, especially if the bears are running the show.


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